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A hundred days until harvest

Pinot Noir vines flowering at Upperton Vineyard

The countdown is on ….

The sun is beaming down on our vines as Glastonbury comes to a close and Wimbledon starts. The weather gods have certainly been kind to us this week as our vines have almost finished flowering.

Flowering is an important stage in the growing season where grapevine flowers shed their caps to allow pollination and subsequently, fertilisation to occur. Each individual flower has the potential to develop into a grape berry. Warm, dry weather is needed to ensure that this process runs smoothly.

It’s just over 100 days from mid-flowering to harvest. However, our thoughts are firmly focused on the next crucial stage of fruit set. This is when we’ll get an indication of the potential size of this year’s crop.

A lot can happen in 100 days that will shape the 2019 harvest. Nevertheless, we’re off to a fantastic start and optimistic for a grand final like that of the incredible 2018 harvest!

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