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Bringing the Roebuck Estates brand to life

Print run of Roebuck Estates Classic Cuvée wine labels

Creating a strong brand from scratch… It’s not all about working hard in the vineyards

As new wine producers, we’ve put a lot of time and consideration into the creation of our logo, bottle design, website and all the other things that go into establishing a new brand.

And what a lot there is to think about.

Primarily we wanted our core values to come across through our brand, so that you know you’re buying excellent sparkling wine from English vines, made by people with passion and ambition. Add the fact that we want you to recognise the classic nature of our wine and that we’re not a stuffy bunch… well, that’s quite a bit to get across!

So take look at some of our design work to date. Why not tell us what you think? If you’d like to pass on your thoughts we’d love to hear them.

Label detail

The logo is the elegant head of the beautiful Roebuck deer… we chose ‘Roebuck Estates’ because we wanted a name that had English associations, was strongly connected with nature and gave us design potential. It also had to feel right, to be something we felt reflected us and the team. The spirited, independent and agile Roebuck did just that.


It was very important to us that the high quality of our sparkling wine came across in the bottle design. We also wanted our bottles to reflect some of our more English values; charming, classic and a little understated.

Digital presence

Firstly, there’s this lovely new website, during the creation of which we’ve been very careful to ensure we’re following and developing the visual direction established by our logo.

Then, there’s our social media platforms, why not take a look and follow us? We’re on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

We’ll also be sending out regular news and offers via email, so please join our mailing list via the homepage to be one of the first to find out what’s going on.

We’re confident that this beautifully strong brand will see us through many seasons and vintages!

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Roebuck estates logo

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