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Harvest is here

Feature_harvest time at Roebuck Estates

The grapes are ready, let the picking begin.

After several weeks of eagerly (and nervously) waiting, our grapes are ready to be picked, and there’s a wonderful sense of excitement and optimism in the air. The snips have been sharpened, the barrels, tanks and grape crates have been cleaned, and we are primed and prepped for a busy October.

As with all growing seasons, every year tells its own unique story and for 2021, it will undoubtedly be – a vintage made in the vineyard. Mother Nature has thrown a lot at us this year – testing our spirit and resilience at every stage in the season. As anyone who took a staycation in the UK this year knows all too well, the summer was one of the wettest on record. However, a welcome burst of glorious sunshine in September helped boost ripeness levels – both sugar content and flavour development, and thanks to our hardworking vineyard crew we are heading into harvest with lovely pristine fruit.

Picking typically begins with our Pinot Précoce – a variety used to make our sparkling rosé, shortly followed by our Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir and finally our Chardonnay. Each vineyard – and each block within each vineyard – is ready at a slightly different time and so managing the harvest plan is no small feat. This year we are also very fortunate to have an eager team of locals joining us and so we’ve got plenty of coffee and biscuits to keep the crew sufficiently fuelled and happy. You can share this exciting time with us by popping a cork and raising a glass to the 2021 harvest and you can follow our progress on Instagram.

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