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Mighty oaks from little acorns grow…

New vines growing at Roebuck Estates

The Birth of Roebuck Estates

Well… Here we are. Our very first blog. And the best place to start is almost always at the beginning of the story…

Roebuck Estates was conceived by an enthusiastic wine-lover back in around 2013, who had a vision to produce small amounts of award-winning sparkling wines from vines planted in southern England. He had sampled some of England’s finest already and felt an instant draw to this burgeoning industry.

And so it was that extensive research was carried out, young vines were planted in the ground, mature vines were tended and the harvest was imminent. Refusing to let broken down, decrepit (but still functioning) tractors get in the way of progress, and managing to steer the business from all corners of the globe, the first wines were constructed and the product of the initial vision was established.

Well, the vision is almost upon us with some of our very first wines on the cusp of release and the next chapter of the story about to begin. We’re delighted to be joining the English Wine movement and a long line of trailblazers before us and look forward to sharing our wines (and plenty of the stories over the last few years) with wine-lovers the world over.

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